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Hop off an elephant and into a tuk-tuk. Treasure hunt in Tahiti.
Get Hungary. Boil pierogies with a group of grandmas. Learn to love Latin.
Hit the beach. Climb temples at sunrise. Tango. Make pici in Pienza with Paola.
Yurt. Watch wild flamingos take flight. Taste Chile. Play badminton with spritely locals. Ice fish. Live the Louvre. Chat with Churchill. Paint the town whatever
color you want. Go take a hike. Sleep overlooking everything. Walk the wall.
Touch pyramids. Dine with a tenor or two. Castle hop. Pick porcini. Cut a rug
with a countess. Excuse your French. Play bocce with Beppe. Dress up like a gaucho.
Get down with a gladiator. Decode Dalí. Picnic in the Pyrenees. Hand stretch your
own mozzarella. Walk with an Egyptian. Try to find a leprechaun. Get the donkey
to carry lunch. Dig truffles. Have a look backstage. Circumnavigate something.
Test a theory. Have your eclair and eat it too. Smile.
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